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Gideon Math & Reading Programs in Four Points, Austin is a local educational center that offers math and reading programs for students aged four and up. Their method emphasizes pencil and paper work to minimize screen time and improve memorization. The program provides structured booklets with step-by-step layouts and mastery standards for real academic progress. Gideon Math & Reading Programs is committed to building confidence through academic mastery. With a focus on individualized instruction, they cater to young learners with a 2:1 student to teacher ratio and independent learners with a 4:1 ratio. Additionally, Gideon works well with students with learning differences such as dyslexia or special needs like autism. The center offers free student placement evaluations and flexible scheduling options. With their curriculum, students can learn at their own pace, fill in foundational gaps, and master concepts beyond their grade level. Parents have praised the program for its positive impact on their children's confidence, proficiency, and grades in math and reading.