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Friendly Fire is a Colorado moonshine brand that is deeply committed to supporting veterans. They proudly malt and distill their full-bodied whiskey in-house at their craft distillery located in Fort Collins, CO. What sets Friendly Fire apart is their dedication to giving back. For every bottle of whiskey sold, they donate a portion of the proceeds to Semper Fi & America's Fund nonprofit partners, who work tirelessly to support troops from all branches of service.

Friendly Fire offers original handcrafted whiskey that truly captures the essence of Colorado. Their whiskey is made with locally grown grains, carefully selected for their quality and flavor. The result is a rich and complex spirit that showcases the depth in each grain used. Despite being young, their whiskey has all the bold and spicy flavors of its aged counterparts.

In addition to their exceptional spirits, Friendly Fire also has programs dedicated to honoring veterans' service and raising awareness about the challenges they face upon returning home. They believe in carrying on the legacy of those who have honorably served the United States, and each year they acknowledge 22 service members for their sacrifice.

Whether you visit their tasting room or explore their sales outlets, you can experience the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of Friendly Fire moonshine. By supporting this local business, you are not only getting an exceptional product but also making a positive impact on veterans' lives.