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EZTelecard is a provider of prepaid international calling cards and mobile recharges. They offer a wide range of services including long distance calls, mobile top-ups, and international mobile recharge. With exceptional voice quality and fast connections, EZTelecard ensures that customers can stay connected with their loved ones around the world.

One of the standout features of EZTelecard is their PINLESS international calls. Customers no longer need to remember or enter PIN numbers to make international calls, making the process more convenient and seamless. Additionally, the balance on their calling cards never expires, allowing customers to recharge their accounts anytime they need to.

For mobile users, EZTelecard offers instant mobile top-ups from over 120 international operators. Customers can send any amount from their prepaid account balance and even preview the amount they will receive in the local currency.

In addition to their services, EZTelecard also has a Retail Program for businesses that want to become retailers. By joining this program, businesses can start earning right away by providing EZTelecard's services to their community.

With a commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, EZTelecard is a reliable choice for prepaid international calling cards and mobile recharges.