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Kyle Dunning MD FACS Utah Trauma Surgeon Logo

Kyle Dunning MD FACS Utah Trauma Surgeon

4650 Harrison Blvd, Ogden, UT 84403
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Ogden Hernia Surgery Clinic, led by Dr. Kyle Dunning, is a premier destination for laparoscopic hernia repair in Ogden, Utah. With a commitment to providing exceptional care, the clinic specializes in treating different types of hernias, including inguinal hernias, umbilical hernias, ventral (incisional) hernias, and hiatal and paraesophageal hernias.

Hernias are a common condition in the United States, with approximately 5 million repairs performed each year. The expert team at Ogden Hernia Surgery Clinic understands the impact that a hernia can have on your daily life and strives to provide effective and minimally invasive treatment options.

Dr. Kyle Dunning is a board-certified general surgeon known for his expertise in hernia repair. With advanced surgical techniques and a focus on patient comfort and well-being, Dr. Dunning ensures that every patient receives personalized care to address their specific needs.

On their website, you can find comprehensive information on different types of hernias and treatment options available. Whether you are wondering if surgery is the right choice for you or seeking guidance on preparing for surgery, the clinic provides valuable resources to help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a hernia or have been diagnosed with one, don't let it limit your activities or cause discomfort. Reach out to Ogden Hernia Surgery Clinic and schedule an appointment with Dr. Dunning to receive expert care and get back to living your life fully.