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Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is a NOFA-NY certified organic family farm located near Syracuse, New York. They offer a wide range of fresh seasonal produce, including garden plants, flowers, and U-Pick blueberries. In addition to their produce, the farm produces maple syrup and a variety of value-added products such as spices, candied hot peppers, jams, and relishes. Dizzy Lizzie's Farm is committed to providing healthy and high-quality food to the community while expanding people's palates with heirloom and unusual vegetables. The farm started with limited knowledge of farming but with an unstoppable passion. Over the years, they have grown their offerings and now strive to add a new quality product each year. The farm also takes pride in choosing names that hold significance for their products, with "Dizzy Lizzie's Farm" being born out of the founder's whimsical nature. The farm is run by Dizzy Lizzie herself, along with Tractor Man who operates their tractor, and the enthusiastic Farm Manager who welcomes visitors to the farm.