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DM Vans is a local business founded by Dave and Matt, who are passionate van lifers themselves. They have a strong mission to make van life accessible to everyone. Offering a range of lifestyle vehicles, including the LV3, LV5, and LV7 models, DM Vans prioritizes functionality, comfort, and innovation for road trippers and van lifers. The LV3 focuses on efficient space utilization at an affordable price, while the LV5 combines comfort with modern technology and safety features. The LV7 boasts the largest interior space in their fleet.

With an adventurous spirit and a genuine love for the van life lifestyle, DM Vans creates an inviting community where like-minded individuals can connect. They share inspiring stories on their website about various aspects of van life, such as diversifying van life, urban van life tips, and maintaining hygiene on the road.

You can stay connected with DM Vans through their Instagram page (@dm.vans), where they share updates and adventures from their community. By offering top-notch vans and fostering a welcoming community, DM Vans is dedicated to helping people embark on their own van life journeys.