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DJBTherapy, located in Boulder, offers a range of therapy services to support individuals and families in their healing journey. The therapist, D.J. Bishop, provides individual therapy sessions either in person or online. These sessions are customized to the client's needs and can include experiential modalities for a deeper exploration of their challenges and goals. DJBTherapy also offers individual intensive therapy programs that utilize experiential therapy over multiple days for a more immersive healing experience.

For families dealing with addiction, DJBTherapy specializes in family therapy that addresses the impact of addiction on the entire family system. The therapist guides families through the process of substance abuse treatment, assists with boundary setting, and helps create successful aftercare plans.

In addition to individual and family therapy, DJBTherapy provides group therapy sessions that focus on healing trauma and addressing addiction. These groups create a safe space for individuals to work through relational dynamics and build trust and connection with others.

Overall, DJBTherapy is dedicated to supporting clients on their path towards empowerment, agency, and connection.