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Course Creek

Sun Valley, ID

courseCREEK is a marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing and eLearning services. In the realm of digital marketing, they offer services such as Fractional CMO, SEO, paid advertising on platforms like Google and Facebook, social media marketing, lead generation, and LinkedIn outreach. These services are designed to maximize business efficiency and drive sales by implementing effective omnichannel marketing strategies.

In the field of eLearning, courseCREEK provides various services to help businesses create and deliver engaging online courses. They offer live training course development to maximize learner retention and revenue growth. They also have a service called courseCREATE where they design, create, and build online courses using trained instructional designers and implementation managers. Additionally, they offer instructional design services to ensure that courses are well-crafted for better learning outcomes.

courseCREEK also specializes in video production and editing for course content. They have an on-location video production studio equipped with professional capabilities to deliver high-quality videos. This includes planning, shooting, editing, and end-to-end production services.

The overall goal of courseCREEK is to help businesses scale their operations and increase revenue through comprehensive marketing strategies and eLearning solutions. With their expertise in digital marketing and eLearning services, they aim to provide businesses with the tools and support they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.