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Clare Johnson Therapy is a local business in Marin County that offers a variety of therapy services, including ketamine assisted therapy. With a focus on anxiety, relationship issues, career changes, and parenting, Clare Johnson Therapy aims to provide real-time effective support to help clients overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives. Clare Johnson, a licensed therapist and former finance professional, brings her unique perspective and empathy to her work, helping clients find clarity and healing through individual therapy sessions, executive coaching, self-paced courses, and ketamine assisted therapy.

By offering genuine support, tools for personal growth, and a listening ear, Clare Johnson Therapy creates a sanctuary for individuals looking to be more present in their lives and achieve their goals. Clients have praised Clare's empathetic nature and ability to connect with them on a deep level. Whether it's navigating life transitions or seeking emotional rejuvenation, Clare Johnson Therapy provides the guidance needed to thrive.