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4433 South Dr, Houston, TX 77053
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AXXAIR is a renowned company specializing in GTAW and orbital welding equipment, as well as tube cutting and pipe beveling machinery. With a focus on precision and innovation, AXXAIR offers a wide range of orbital systems designed for tube and pipe fabrication in various industries such as high purity piping, clean rooms, and sanitary piping fabrication. Their orbital cutting technology ensures square cuts with reduced vibrations and extended consumable life. AXXAIR's tube squaring solutions provide burr-free tube facing, available in portable corded and battery-operated options. For pipe beveling, AXXAIR utilizes a unique patented design using carbide bits to achieve fast, cold, and repeatable bevels. Additionally, AXXAIR offers orbital welding systems including automated GTAW welding systems with portable closed heads, open heads, and prefab options that are ideal for sanitary welds. With over 20 years of experience in orbital technology, AXXAIR continuously explores new concepts to meet the evolving needs of the industry. They also provide exceptional service and support to customers worldwide throughout the cutting, squaring, beveling, and welding process.