Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Local Business

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Understanding the Value of Ongoing SEO Services for Your Local Business

Grasping the concept of SEO first involves understanding the broader realm of Digital Marketing. This approach outpaced traditional marketing channels like TV and Print, bringing about the rise of platforms like Amazon and Google, while causing a decline in legacy outlets such as Sears and print media. Digital marketing, therefore, is an essential component for any business success in this age. Often, potential clients will interact with your website before setting foot in your physical store or making a purchase.

Is Monthly SEO Worth It?Take Amazon for instance; it is one of the most notable examples of digital marketing transformation. It is the 7th largest retailer without a single physical store and has surpassed Walmart in market capitalization. This giant is just getting started.

The pillars of digital marketing are search marketing, social media, display advertising with email marketing also playing a significant role. In 2017, investments in digital marketing overtook spending on TV advertisements. Search engines currently hold the lion's share in the realm of digital marketing.

Approximately 200 billion searches are conducted through search engines every month (source: SEO.com). By 2019, search engine users will have reached over 236 million people in the USA alone. A massive 66% of marketers cite increasing their organic online presence as their top priority. Interestingly, around 72% who conduct a local store search on their phones end up visiting that store. While social media contributes to just about 3% average website traffic, search engines significantly drive online sales and website visits.

We can therefore conclude that (1) Digital marketing trumps TV and other channels in terms of importance; (2) Search engines play a huge role in driving digital marketing sales. Hence, search engine marketing becomes an indispensable part of the marketing strategy. This can be divided into two categories: sponsored search (PPC) and organic search (SEO). SEO, when done correctly, proves to be more cost-effective than PPC and offers a higher return on investment.

The question "Is it worth paying for monthly SEO services?" should be viewed in light of what is at risk if search engines do not index your business. SEO has the potential to significantly drive business development. Only referrals rank higher than search-based traffic. Search engines connect your website to individuals actively seeking your products/services, resulting in potential sales. Investing in SEO is simply good business sense as millions of searches are conducted daily for various items resulting in high sales prospects.

Why isn’t a one-off SEO effort sufficient? Because SEO is not a sprint - it's more like a marathon. Websites can't jump from #1000 on Google to #1 overnight - it takes time to build that trust with search engines. With Google constantly updating its algorithm (over 500 times annually) and considering over 200 "signals" when ranking websites, it’s evident that keeping up with SEO is crucial for your digital presence. As competitors continue their efforts, a single SEO project may not provide the desired results long-term.

It's no secret that not all companies offering SEO services deliver the promised results; some exploit their clients or lack competency. So when looking for an SEO company, take your time and research one with proven track records – don’t fall prey to persuasive salespeople! Ensure that the company you choose is competent, honest and affordable for the best results.